Frequently Asked Questions

Do my dogs have to be up to date with vaccinations?

Yes, we will need to see the vaccination card on booking. Your dog will also need to have been given treatment for fleas and worms.


Do you walk the dogs off the lead?

No, not unless you specifically ask us to and sign the disclaimer on the pet profile form.

Will you have my dog if it is aggressive?

No sorry, perhaps kennels may be what you are looking for.

Do I bring my own food and bedding?

Yes please, along with any other toys etc to make your dog feel at home.

Can my dog stay with you whilst on medication?

Yes, but please bring complete instructions on how and when this is to be administrated.

When do I pay?

You will need to pay a non-refundable £5 per day deposit when you book and the balance is due 14 days prior to dropping off your dog for the holiday.


Do I get to meet you first?

Yes. We hold a ‘sniff and greet’ meeting for both you and your dog when you book to meet our family. You will be asked to complete a pet profile form about your dog; this covers your dog’s routine and other important information.


What is a Local Authority licence?

Our licence is issued by Gosport Borough Council following a successful inspection by the Animal Welfare Officer - any person who is boarding dogs in their own home must be licensed under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. This inspection ensures that we adhere to the standards and conditions required by the Act and that our premises are suitable. It is also ensures that the person has suitable experience to care for animals and states the number of dogs permitted to be boarded at one time.